Free Share Reveal

I know you’re very busy but I think it would be nice if the free share promotion was more interaction. Instead of just getting a notification, it would be nice to do a prize wheel or choose a card etc. So it seems like it really is random, instead of people complaining that you only give out cheap shares

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No complaining, more reading… most of them believe they get a share worth 100 EUR/GBP/USD. While it clearly says “up to”. And they get it free. If you aren’t grateful of small things…

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Exactly, it’s not really about that point, it’s more about free shares are a nice treat and it should maybe be more of an experience than just it being put into your account

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Are they trying to make a serious fintech company or a candy crush app?


I have to agree that the energy would be better spent elsewhere. I wouldn’t want to see Trading 212 end up like Feetrade with snazzy free share reveals… and users waiting until 2036 for an autoinvest feature.