Free shares by invitation link have been stopped!

I shared my invitation links with my network and I received one free share and after a few days, I’ve received an email(or notification - don’t remember exactly) that my account will not receive more free shares!
1- Why?
2- You’re telling this after I shared my invitation link with lots of people I know?!


The account associated with the email under your community profile is having an active referral link. Are you referring about a different account where presumably the promotion is no longer available? You can find more about it also here.

Have you already received 20 free shares as that’s the current limit without subscribing to content creators program?

Hi tony, i set up my account before January 11th, and wanted to be able to offer my referral link to my network, I was waiting to hear back from emails sent, and in the time that took the deadline passed, now it seems I do not have the referral link attached to my account. May you please activate it on this occasion as gesture of good will please.


It is not something that we can facilitate, I’m afraid. Nonetheless, whenever the promotion is up & running again, you’ll automatically receive your referral link too.

is there any plan or date when the promotion may return?

No, I have only one account. The one related to my community email.

No, after received only 1 free share, I’ve received that notification that my referral has been closed!

This notification:

It’s saying was discontinued in your country. May I ask you where you are from? Maybe it’s the reason why. I have friends from Italy who received few shares previously and they are no longer part of the free share program.

Spain. :es:
But now, I moved and have changed my address/country.

@drjacky Can you send me a DM with a screenshot of what you see in “More” tab under your Invest account? On my end, I see that your referral link is active.