As of 11.01.2021, no new invite links will be provided (free shares referral)

Hi guys,

I was just made aware of that all new customers to Trading212 do not have the referral link option anymore.

May we ask, if this is a temporary decision or is the referral option for new customers gone for good? It was a great tool to show potentially interested people to join Trading212 and through that to refer more customers.

Just would like to know so I could make people aware when talking about it.

Appreciate it.

I think it was something like the 11th Jan they stopped. It was added to the help section.

Edit: yep

Thanks, I have seen that and I am aware of it.

My question was rather, if this is temporary or is there another reason they stopped it only for new customers?

I reckon there are quite a few who would like to sign up and refer friends/family too. That’s not possible anymore as of 11th January 2021.

:thinking: I’m assuming its related to hitting 1 million accounts which was around that date.

Needs a staff member like @Tony.V who might know if its a permanent decision moving forward

That might be the case. But 2 Million customers are better than 1 Million, isn’t it? :wink:

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The referral links are available again now - all newly created accounts will have their link available. Accounts registered from 11.01 till today will also receive the links.

All aforementioned applies to accounts eligible to participate.


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