Referral link problem

Hi there, I opened an account 2 month ago and in my app there were the “receive a free share” section where I could share my affiliate link to a friend to receive a free share to both.

Now this section is disappeared and if I open my affiliate link (that I saved previously) it does not
work anymore, it open the Trading 212 web site without say something like “you have been invited…” like before.

Did you removed the affiliate program?

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It has happened with me as well. I contacted support via chat and they informed me that referral is not supported in the CZ anymore. Maybe it is same situation in your country… But I don’t know what has changed


Thanks, I’ll contact them

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I’ve referred 3 people who have clicked on my referral link to open the accounts and funded the accounts and none of us has got the free shares. I hope this gets sorted soon!

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Try to contact the support or create a new topic, they could give you a code

I opened my account using a referral link but I also didn’t get anything. Support said it might have been because I use Adblock or something alike that blocked them tracking that I using such link =( And it is pity that they could not add it afterwards… I contacted them before buying anything, I had just opened it and funded. It would be nice if they could give us now :kissing_closed_eyes:

The “Invite a friend” promotion is currently available in the UK, France, Germany, The Netherlands and Poland.

Will it be available in Italy again?