Freedom24 (IPO subscription)

Has anyone used freedom24 to subsicribe US IPO. It seems there is a 93 days prohibition of share sale.

I have subscribed one for AirBnB. will update here if i get any allocated shares.


Hello mate, have you come across Freedom24, if so, any thoughts?

I haven’t. Only pre-IPO site I’d seen was Asset Match and Equity Zen, which require major personal capital to be accepted in, and another whose name escapes me but they only get lesser known IPOs.

Took a look at F24 briefly. It’s a nice site. Haven’t looked at the application form though - would wonder if it is similar to Equity Zen in that it requires oodles of personal wealth.

The lock up period might be a small price to pay if you are LT investing and you get a good price.

Thank you mate.

Registration process and funding was very simple, Similar to 212 process.
The only issues is that 2000$ min required to participate in any IPO.
Going through their past ipo exits, it seems that investors have received very good returns except for MCafe.

I have applied for ABNB ipo and they are closing the funding process and sending it to ABNB underwriters soon. I will update if the outcome is successful or not.

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