Free shares link

Since I am from Saudi Arabia I don’t have a free share referral link to enjoy 20 free stocks.
Is there any way to do to earn free shares like the rest of you ?

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20 free stocks? I’ve been short changed. :sweat_smile:

It’s one free stock up to £100 for each referral, in the six of so referrals I’ve had an avg of about eight quid :unamused: National Grid :triumph:

Did not miss too much on this - Way better if you continue your investing and grow your account

@phildawson - I’m assume your post was sarcastic, as you’ve basically been paid nearly £50 in sign up bonuses. This is free money! Note that there are plenty that have received AstraZeneca, which seems to be the best one being distributed to my knowledge.

Note, that the platform I was using before this charged £12.50 per trade and the user interface was awful! We don’t know how lucky we have it with T212 :+1:


Should have added the smiling wink, I didn’t think it needed it :joy: where did 20 come from was what I was laughing at.

Yeah and I still have an AJ Bell account but it’s rather stagnant since joining.

I wish I could have been using it a good decade or so ago. The amount I’ve spent in fees with a tenner a pop on buy and sell. :flushed:

However yeah that bloody National Grid share. :sweat_smile: But yeah I’m grateful for T212 being free, and also the nice merch they sent me.


I want merch :sweat_smile:

I want merch also, but I suppose it’s not available for Eastern Europe(3rd world country).