Trading 212 IPO

Bloomberg: Robinhood is said to seek advisers for potential IPO next year,
What about Trading 212? Any future plans for that?

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Hmm I was actually wondering the other day if 212 would ever IPO. I don’t know enough about trading to understand if brokers can do this, but its like any other business I guess? :slight_smile:

Lets assume 212 did IPO and offer shares, would users get any advance option to buy?

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See We Want (or I want) Trading 212 shares

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It would be very nice if we could get early access to shares I would definitely be one of the first investors, trading 212 is a brilliant company with a magnificent future

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Anyone still thinking t212 is a good potential ipo?

Is that a rhetorical question due to the recent drama with GME, AMC, et al…

…or are you genuinely looking for opinions?

Looking to buy if t212 getting shorted?