FREETRADE. HAVE Pershing Square, social capital ii, social capital iii

FREETRADE. HAVE Pershing Square, social capital ii, social capital iii.

Seem like freetrade have added alot of new shares to the platform including SPACs like SHLL. Will trading212 be adding SPAC stocks again?

This is not the SPAC you were looking for.

What you see is the business on the LSE.

Not the blank cheque acquisition company.

Also T212 have had SHLL for donkeys (over a month). I’m unaware if FT has more than just that one.


I find it really really troubling that people don’t know what they’re buying and are worked up enough to complain about it.

If that’s the extent of the duedil, we’re all in serious trouble.


I’m glad someone finally said it. Think we need a ‘Fundamentals’ sectionfor learning and knowledge sharing.


I tend to feel differently. I’m quite happy with people providing liquidity without knowing what they’re doing. If they could finance their acquisitions of PSH or SHLL or whatever else by selling things that I want to buy, then that’d be ideal for me.

And if they happen to make money on the things they buy and do it all over again, then it’s good for all of us.

As an aside, the OP’s point that Freetrade are currently attempting to generate some attention by adding new stocks pretty regularly is correct.

They are adding around 70-100 stocks every Thursday.

FTs ability to add new stocks ‘appears’ to be hampered by the Market Maker network supporting (or rather not supporting) them.

The correlation between stocks they list and a select (small) group of market makers is very high. If a stock is not quoted on by 3 major RSPs it seems FT have trouble trading it.

I’d assume T212 has a wider network executing via IB.

I’ve nerded about it quite a lot over on the FT forum if anyone is sufficiently dull to want to read…


Already read and liked :slight_smile:.
I found it quite interesting. For example there are quite a few Value ETFs on T212 that FT don’t seem to be able to access.

In which case I must apologise for inferring you are dull

You are clearly just a nerd

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And I bet they can be tracked back to lack of MM coverage and/or thin liquidity

Sorry, I mean that they are not on your list.

I have no idea about how to do what you did. I was simply stating that I had already read your post on FT and found it VERY interesting :smiley:.

My ISA is on T212 so most of my investments are here, but whenever they do add something that I am interested in and that I cannot access here I invest in it on FT.

This is one of the reasons I’m happy the AIM notification was added, so many people just not aware of what they are buying, what market they are buying from, the risks… Etc.

All they see is “stonks can only go up”. No research, no thought process, no long or short term plans.

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Yes, i understood

Give me a few examples of those ETFs

I produced a list of ETFs that could possibly be added

I should also make a list of those that probably won’t … which should include yours… give me a few example tickers please…

I have replied to you in a message to avoid going off topic and referring to a different platform here :slight_smile:.

In summary, it seems like FT won’t be able to access many of the GBP Hedged ETFs and Small Cap Value weighted ETFs. And that is just based on ETFs that I am interested in… there will be many others.

If anyone on T212 is interested in GBP-Hedged ETFs please like and comment on my request :slight_smile:

Welcome to the TikTok Traders Generation. :money_with_wings:

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Which 3 are they by name please?

Also, you know anything about where Freetrade have released their RTS Executions? I can’t find them…

Edit: never mind found execution venues on website

If I name them - even in this forum rather than FTs - I fear the FT law enforcement officials. They’re strict and swift. I’ve felt they’re harsh justice before. It’s brutal.

But seriously - what value does naming have? If the names are that key to you it suggests you have a deeper working knowledge of this operation that most - in which case you can work it out yourself.

It will also just open a can worms where someone with knowledge chimes in to say ‘no, you’re wrong’ …in a classic internet cat fight that yields no winners and exhausts all participants.

But mostly I fear the FT police :policewoman:

Just satisfying curiosity, which is part of learning.

But don’t feel the need to if you’re concerned Viktor is monitoring your activity in this forum, which tbh I wouldn’t put it past him.

Also, I think the answer is now public knowledge anyway given this:

Are these entities listed here are what you call market-makers or are they RSPs, or both? Just trying to get an understanding of terminology.

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Ha! Good work

Yes, the 3 I identified as being key are in that list

Number 1 was the absolute deal breaker.

I suspect most ETFs (especially the lower liquidity versions) all go through Peel

But now I know there are 5 MMs I can redo some of my logic and see what can/can’t be executed


Edit - I see they quote most ETFs going via Wins. That’s curious as Peel sit on the order book for far more ETFs - officially anyway. But hey ho. I think Peel are absolutely key in getting smaller ETFs executed

I guess I can’t be getting a visit from the police :rotating_light: if it’s public knowledge



Consider MM and RSPs the same thing

They essentially are the same - an entity that provides 2 way Intra daily liquidity in an instrument that means when you ask for a price you can get a price … technical difficulties aside

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