Does anyone have any contacts with Freetrade staff?

Um? :sweat_smile:

Seems a bit harsh for a hundred thousand year ban.

What’s funny is after that last staff post by Sam they have hidden my post which said it must have been coincidental and not intentional having it merged like that, but that my posts do tend to get silently hidden by Viktor. And then they go and hide it, they must see the irony. They really don’t like criticism, would like a word with Sam though as that’s really bad manners, and no there’s not multiple occasions unless they have been secretly warning me. :man_facepalming:

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Welcome to the 1000 year club.

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Cheers I guess :beers:

Did you do something 10 times worse than suggest they could get better charts? :scream:

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I said they shouldn’t get rid of Greatland Gold.


I stay clear of FT forum after I got a ban threat. I then moved everything to T212. They are deluded if they think running the forum like that is a way to keep customers.

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Your ban is 1000 years too. 3020 is 1000 years away.

Better make sure your kids know.


I still watch the forum and I saw your post and thought it would get removed. Surprised it took so long!

ah mann.

I actually did point out that they were crazy converting the GBX into pounds as it made it impossible to see with GGP. That might have been one of the violations.

Not even joking.

I got banned so hard the CEO managed to find my Twitter account and ban me there too.

Never spoke to him before.


Welcome to the Feetrade survivors’ club!


What a ridiculous way to do business. I have an account but haven’t added any credit.

And I won’t following this conversation. Really damaging their own sales.


Anyone know what Rule 2?

Is it the same a Rule 1?:

You do not talk about competition.

Rule 3: something about if staff shouts stop or taps out it’s over, and Rule 4: only two to a fight? Hang on…

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I really want NKLA to do well now, not because I own any shares, I don’t, but because I’m top of the stock prediction league and like the idea of them giving a trophy :trophy: out to a banned person.

I saw you @Finki :eyes:


Tbh you were walking a very tight rope (given the community rules they now have), so much so I was surprised you weren’t banned earlier during the pre-crowdfunding purge. You posted 212 swipes and charts for reference noticeably enough that as a 1000yr banned member too, I knew your days were numbered :joy:


I had to swap out T212/TradingView charts for Google charts as they apparently don’t spend million advertising against Freetrade. :man_shrugging:

Such a shit way to do business hoping your customers stay blinkered. Have your wiggly charts and be grateful.



Yeah the CMO is on a power trip; he’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Read their Glassdoor reviews and it speaks volumes about him. Sam seems fair, never had a bad interaction with him. Viktor feels the need to assert authority and if you dissent in any way, no matter how highly you speak of Freetrade you’re done. Such a hypocrite that they advocated radical candor and radical transparency when it’s nothing radical of the sort; toe the line or be gone.


I’ve clashed with Viktor multiple times, it all started when he tried to give me a warning for simply being in a thread started by some “bad Bulgarians”. I managed to get him to take the warning off as it was clear Im not connected and have no way of knowing that they were “bad Bulgarians” as I can’t see that information and topic content was neutral. It was very obvious he didn’t like me challenging him. He took it off though after a few back and forths.


Yeah, @phildawson must have been No 1 on the Feetrade stasi’s most wanted list. How dare you question Viktor’s shit charts? :joy: Sometimes it seems they’re trying to run an authoritarian regime rather than a start-up, so many good posters have been purged after doing sweet f— all.

In all seriousness, I do think this points to something very wrong at the helm of FT, especially when coupled with reports of a toxic atmosphere eminating from the top. For me, FT is an example of a potentially good product in the wrong people’s hands.


Wow - I was actually considering applying for a role at Freetrade, however after reading this I think I shall not apply! Very poor to silence your customers like that.

They said Freetrade, they never said anything about Freespeech :man_shrugging:t4: