French ISA equivalent (aka PEA)

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Do you plan to support the PEA for French clients? (Equivalent of the ISA already supported for UK investors)

A French PEA refers to a Plan d’Epargne en Actions, which is a tax-efficient investment wrapper for residents of France. It allows French investors to buy and sell European securities with preferential conditions. In English, a PEA would be defined as a stock savings plan, similar to a stocks and shares ISA.

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Any news? I am also interested

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Same here. Though I highly doubt it’s doable :smiley:
@Martin @Tony.V

Would love to have an update, if the ISA is possible I guess the french equivalent would be very similar.

It would be for sure a mean to attract way more french based investors due to the tax benefits!

It’s not something that we’re currently considering, yet it is definitely in the spirit of what (in general) we’re aiming for. I’ll keep you posted whenever a further update is present. :v: