FTSE 100 rollover issue?

No it stuck because the instrument was suspended. While suspended the price went to 6305 looking at cnbc and my iphones stock market app. But when the prices came back to moving on the app they showed that it was 6260 when it was in fact over 6300 at that point and also every progress indicator is messed up. Percentages all in the red, candle graphs wiped out back to 3 months ago and showing a 1000 point loss for today when we’re 70+ in the green

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@ABtrade I can see that every single one of your Index futures position had a rollover adjustment.

Yes that’s another annoying issue since a month ago

Thanks how do I see that? Obviously completely missing it!

Found it in the trade details!! Thanks

@Savas It becomes suspended when there are no quotes, not the other way around.
How is a comparison to CNBC & the iPhone stock market app relevant when they’re displaying a spot/cash while we’re using the June futures contract ZM0? They’re not the same thing.

This is the futures contract:

This is the spot index that’s not actually an exchange-traded product:

Exactly and no one seems to have an answer for this on whether it would ever get fixed?!

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And forgot to say I’m getting the actual prices from CNBC financial news and my iPhone stock market app. And this is now

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@Spirica4you We’re looking for an elegant solution as it’s not an easy fix. Futures don’t have historical prices beyond the moment they’re conceived - which means, at best, historical prices of up to 6 months, as other brokers generally have.

We’re thinking of ways to make adjustments & add historical data from as long ago as possible.


Did they just turn into futures contracts today? How were they identical so far? Will they still follow the same progress? Thank you

@Savas They’ve been futures for about 2-3 weeks now. The prices might differ because futures are calculated in a slightly different fashion but more or less, they move in the same direction.

I think you can also follow futures on the CNBC app, the code for FTSE futures is Z.

@David Sorry final stupid question the rollover adjustment is added straight to equity?

And this doesn’t show in any of the reports?

Ok but also how come the prices were identical so far when they’ve been futures contract for about 3 weeks and now after this suspension they come back 40 points lower than spot induce prices? It’s just odd to when it never happened before. Thanks

I just noticed that even in your futures to spot indices comparison there the futures still show 6294. I haven’t seen that price on the app once today

Hi - that is essentially due to it being a future. Today was the last day of the June future.

The September one is essentially the guestimate of what the FTSE could be in September. As we get closer, the live FTSE price will start to align to the September one.

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Thanks that’s helpful. It’s just annoying because so far I could monitor in so many ways seeing the prices everywhere and now I’m 50 points lower when I was looking forward to getting close to 300 again! They’ve been pretty much the same price so far so it’s a bit of a bummer.

Also the fact that the app now shows a 1000 point loss in the red for today when we’re actually up isn’t very helpful to ones state of mind from a psychological standpoint. This stressful enough as is! :slight_smile:

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Why don’t you guys roll over the contract days in advance like you do for other instruments?

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That would be sensible. Would have saved me £1500!

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