Potential problem - further clarification needed


I had my order incorrectly closed at the price that this commodity never touched today.

This is a serious issue and my live.trading212.com and mobile app show different charts and my web version is frozen at price 19.854 on Oil-21Apr20 commodity at 20:28:15 GMT+2 . This price is incorrect and the market never touched that price this day.

Your platform falsely let my order run to a big loss which required me to SL the order at the price that market never traded at. How did you execute this order at this price if it never reached this.

I have compared realtime charts. I’m expecting full compensation or return of my position.

I’m willing to take legal action.

Community, I have contacted the support e-mail and I will definitely let you know about how trading212 is going to resolve this error.


800 Buy 20.31500 19.775 -407.44
MO155733094 20.03.2020 20:28:15

Stay safe people.

@catharsis I’ll look into it.

Please see the screenshot for clarification

Had the same issue on multiple oil positions. Stopped out of 2 trades. Dropped to 19 and now rolled over with new trades when bought back at low and still showing me negative. Serious fraud here. I want to be reinstated immediately.

@catharsis Each instrument has a SELL (BID) price & a BUY (ASK) price. The difference between them is called the spread.
The spread is visible both on the mobile app as well as the web version. If you look at the top right of the screenshot you sent, you’ll see “19.875 | 20.365”.
If you buy Oil, you’ll be purchasing it at 20.365 & then if you wish to sell it immediately, the best price would be 19.875, so, you’d be at a loss due to the spread.
In your case, you opened a SELL position, which if you want to close, you need to BUY Oil, thus, it’s relevant to look at the BUY price which is on the right side -> 20.365.
It’s not visible on the chart because the chart can’t show both sell & buy price at the same time. However, if you want to switch charts, you can easily do so by a right-click -> chart settings -> buy price chart.

@ David You understand the situation wrong. Neither BUY or SELL price of this commodity NEVER traded at either of these prices, please open your own chart. I opened the same chart on my laptop and this is the correct chart.

See, these orders shown on previous post were executed on error or malicious purposes.

@David Please take this situation seriously and forward the issue to technical department. I seriously hope that this is a technical error and you are able to fix this and compensate.

Same happened to me.
How’s this possible?

See my screenshot above. Bought at $22.975, current sell price is $23.485 (at the time of taking the screenshot). How’s it possible to still have a negative result? Shouldn’t it be 40*(23.485-22.975) = 20.4 USD in profit?!

Urgent reply needed!


Please see my message above.

@catharsis This instrument you’re referring to here is not the same. There is a difference between Oil-20Mar20 & Oil-21Apr20, they’re two completely different contracts with distinct prices.
The prices & spreads on Oil Futures aren’t made up by Trading 212, they’re a CME Group product. Check their website if you want to learn more about how Oil futures work, you can even find the different contracts & see how their prices are completely distinct:


@kpakpa There is something called a rollover with futures contracts. Since they have an expiration date, once it’s reached, your position is rolled over to the next futures contract. You had a position with Oil-20Mar which is now rolled over to Oil-21Apr.
Since there’s a difference between the prices of both these contracts - an adjustment must be made to cover the difference. The adjustment is equal to the difference in price between the two contracts times the quantity you own. You can find the exact adjustment amount in the app.
Rollover of futures contracts is industry standard, it’s not something specific to Trading 212.
You can learn more about it here:

And from the creators themselves: https://www.cmegroup.com/education/courses/introduction-to-futures/understanding-futures-expiration-contract-roll.html


Grr… should have read more about it before I bought it.
Was in the green before the contract rollover.

Need to close the position before the rollover next time.



@kpakpa The rollover doesn’t really affect the result - it’s just a way to balance the price difference.
Example: If you buy 10 contracts at $10 & the next contract is trading at $11, you’ll get a rollover adjustment of 10 x ($10 - $11) = -$10. This will be added to your result to negate the difference in prices.
Because you bought at $10 & now it’s at $11, you would’ve made a $10 profit. However, in order to balance things out due to the fact that it’s a different contract, a -$10 adjustment is made.
You neither win nor lose from a rollover.
Your opening price of the Oil-20Mar contract is higher than its closing price, that’s why you were at a loss.

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Thanks for the illustration. It’s helpful

Where is 20Mar 20 on cmegroup.com website?

I want to compare price charts.

if their price Oil-20Mar20 chart reflects the same then we may get somewhere.

@catharsis Click on the first contract of this link: https://www.cmegroup.com/trading/energy/crude-oil/light-sweet-crude.html
The last price was $19.84, the one from your previous screenshot is $19.87.
The rest of CME’s futures have a completely different price.

Hi David,

Please can you help me to understand - see screenshots.

I can not find the rollover adjustment value in the report.