Where have the major indices gone? (CFD)

The major indices (Dow, NASDAQ, etc) have disappeared… what’s going on?

edit now I notice some of them are there but trading is suspended?

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I was looking to buy DAX or US30 but couldn’t find neither. Searching for DAX shows Index futures. I do not recollect seeing this last week. I am sure I’ve traded both DAX and US30 Indices (not futures) after hours. Closed DAX trades from last week show as $Germany30. Bizarre platform!

Tickers are removed from watchlist too.

I suspect it also resulted in this discrepancy which I have never experienced before.
(0.16*(11700.64-11582.9)*0.9) should have resulted in about £16.95 profit on this position opened before the change

Why are the indices ( other than a handful ) not showing?? Can you please respond at the earliest so one can decide whether or not to trade thorough your platform today or in coming days?

Here you have the answer:

@Subject18 It’s due to the rollover:

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The markets are open now. Why aren’t they showing? Even Hong Kong index isn’t showing. Please let the community know asap as I understand other traders here too have noticed this

@Guins007 Only the watchlist is missing (we’re working to solve this). The futures Hong Kong 50 (expiring on the 29th of June) is available.

Long story short: we have transferred all spot Index positions to their futures equivalent.

No major indices, even Hong Kong one is not showing in your watchlist nor in the search option or anywhere. It’s not there. Index futures are showing but not the indexes themselves. Are they going to be back soon or have been removed??

Spot/cash Indices aren’t actually tradeable instruments that are listed on the exchanges, only their futures are. The difference between the two is quite small & we do automatic rollovers which means you won’t ever have your position closed due to expiration, unless you want to, of course.

Because it’s a futures, we’ve actually also extended the HK index session by double, which gives way more flexibility.

So to your question: you can now find only the futures. The indices are no longer present.

@Tony.V additional question: do the futures also pay out dividends on long positions?

@chantal No, you won’t receive dividends on long positions but you also won’t get charged on short positions - dividends are already baked into the price of futures.

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No your response is actually not clear. So you’re saying spot cash indices are not tradable, is that just on your platform or everywhere else? What were the previous instruments technically called then which were stated under indices section on your platform (i.e. dax30 dow30 sp500 and were clearly not futures) and that also provided / charged dividends for long / short positions?

@Guins007 CFD brokers usually create spot/cash Indices themselves. They’re based on the futures but if you want to trade such a product on an exchange - you can’t, because there is none.

Right ok sure so now T212 has decided to revoke that instrument of spot/ cash indices which previously existed on T212 and also provided dividends? If so, is it expected to be back on T212 anytime soon?

@Guins007 They did provide dividends but the end result was 0 because the index always suffers a proportionate drop in price - so you don’t actually benefit or lose anything.
Also, instead of receiving them on the side, dividends are already priced into the futures instruments. And no, spot/cash won’t be coming back, we’ll be sticking with CFD futures, since they’re based on an actual exchange-traded product.

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sure, thank you for clarifying

I’m always impressed in the level of detail and effort in responses, even when I only understand a tiny amount of what is going on.

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Apologies but I seem to be missing something. Will there be there be instruments allowing trade CFDs in FTSE, DAX or NASDAQ futures?

At the moment, via the android mobile app, I can see only a small selection (34 instruments listed under ‘Indices’). Thankyou.

Quick question - what do you mean by ‘Expiring on the 29th June’? Would the futures just disappear then?