US INDEX's Rollover (S&P 500) pls help

Hi everyone,

I’m new to this forum and as the customer service won’t pick up the phone and emails are to slow, I’m looking for some help here.

I entered a few short trades earlier today previous to the US market open, and I got a notification telling me that the contract will roll over at 8 PM today and as I usually don’t stay more than a couple of minutes in a trade it was fine by me and keep on trading like normal, but just minutes after that the website stopped responding and i couldn’t do much no even the app was working, after a few minutes i got a new notification telling me that all my positions were rolled over successfully at the same time the US market opened, with a total loss of more than £700 how is that even possible?

What should I do? just take the loss? is there any way this can be reverted ?.

it’s so frustrating as an amazing winning trade became a nightmare and due to my funds going down to margin call I couldn’t even operate any more the rest of the day.


PS: positions right now

Still £500 down even tho I’m up almost 30points.

I think they’re looking into it. It seems to be a problem across the board for many of us.

I hope they give it a look soon, as i should be up a couple hundred £ and im at a huge loss and margin called its so stressful right now, this is not right specially when they don’t roll over other contracts just at the open of the US market.

Trust me rollovers don’t usually do this. They’re usually pretty painless. this whole thing showing you a position where you’re up but not able to take a profit is a new thing. Not normally like this. I’d wait until they get back to us, as they’re probably investigating.

They’re super good at helping out so don’t worry.

Good thing that my target is way lower and i hope i can exit without a big loss if my plan for today is right, but i should be up thousands today, will they even reimburse that? as ive lost the whole day.

Please read this. I lost £1500 because of it. But apparently it’s not a mistake so the loss is a loss.

Somewhat comforted that the market is dropping now.

But why doing it at the US market open with all the volatility that goes with it… ? thats sounds really irresponsible to me. :cold_sweat:

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They should’ve just done this DAYS ago instead of waiting for so long… They do this for ALL other instruments as well that way so why not for SPX? Really unprofessional imo

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Agreed - I don’t know why you would wait for "low liquidity’…

Hopefully this changes