FTSE Data - Ratios Etc

Anyone know where I can find history of PE/PB ratio etc information for FTSE/AIM stocks? I can find this info on the LSE site but it’s for the individual stocks, I want it for all stocks listed with their averages for month or year and downloadable.

Ive found market cap history on the LSE website but would like more data for the tool I’m creating.

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Help me please :laughing:

I.e. (this is made up)
PE ratio for BT 2018 - 5
PE ratio for BT 2019 - 7
PE ratio for BT 2020 - 6

@Finki can probably assist as well.

You could try scraping from websites?

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I can get the data I want off LSE (london stock exchange or London South East)

I just want it in mass for all constituents not per stock so I can just use Vlookup to find what I want rather than manually add.

Good question, I’ve absolutely no idea but that would be a great metric to have.

Yes, I’m sure Finki can help. Otherwise it may need a bit of code writing to scrape. Famous last words but…I’m sure it wouldn’t be too bad to do. I’ll await Finki’s reply with his famous API.

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