Price history doesn't correspond?

Hiya-just asking for clarification, if anyone can help? Am I reading price history graphs incorrectly, have noticed a couple over months which are different on different sites eg Mitie MTO-T212 has price for early this year-before Covid-at 135p-140p while Yahoo and couple of other sites have max 80p at that time? Have I got wrong end of stick somewhere? I’m relatively new to this but thought I had the fundamentals down, but no? Thanks.

Rolling yearly high I’m seeing 80.46

Hasn’t been 140p for awhile

So I assume it was adjusted from a stock split showing double at this point. Guessing 2:1

Edit so here it is

So this is describing a fall of almost half on the 14 July

So T212 hasn’t been adjusted.

Thanks for reply-thats what I mean, I’ve seen a few like that (diff prices on diff sites for same stock). Re MTO, all sites are showing <>80p for Jan Feb 20 except for T212 which is showing £1.40 for same period. I can see drop you’re talking about in July but there’s another before it in March from 140p to 65p-all other sites saying last time was 140p was around 2018, not a few months ago. Up to now, I’ve treated T212 data as gospel and invested on strength of it, looks like I’m gonna have to double check from now on before committing.

Btw I’m looking at ISA graph, not CFD if that makes a diff?

Yeah when you compare charts you’ll want to look at ISA/Invest VS external. (The CFD spread is specific to T212)

However bear in mind that T212 is plotting the ASK in ISA/Invest.

If you look elsewhere it’s usually showing trades which is actual prices paid (either a buy or a sell).

In the case of MTO it’s just a stock split 97/50 that hasn’t been historically adjusted in T212 prior to the 14 July.

What I don’t understand is they wouldn’t be reporting this with a split

The shares tumbled 45% after the rights issue shares were admitted to 46.95p by mid-morning.

If you zoom in on yahoo

Argh my brain hurts :exploding_head:

Was there a takeover?

Thanks for reply-I’ll have to incorporate checking other sites data as part of my good practise/due diligence /whatever as I’m seeing some big differences between stock data depending which site I look at (MTO was just 1st time it occurred to me to ask). I only really involve myself with T212s ISA, but if I were to commit to buy on the strength of duff info, it could skew my outcomes. Thanks again.

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