Funding via Wire Transfer using CurrencyFair?

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I’m about to fund my Trading212 account via wiretransfer – usually I use CurrencyFair to fund my IBKR account and it’s smooth. Is it possible/allowed by Trading212 as well? I read in the FAQ that Trading212 does not accept funds from Revolute or Transferwise, but no mention of CurrencyFair?

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I’ve seen people using Revolut to fund T212 via Bank Transfer. You just can’t top up via debit card.

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Since few months ago even Revolut cards work with T212.
So you have both card top up and bank wire options.

Transferwise working also with Bank wire and card top up.


This is interesting! I wonder why there is a clear statement on Trading212 regarding not accepting Transferwise and Revolute?!

@penguindance We don’t have such restrictions on our end.

Wires via Revolut, Transferwise, etc. are processed flawlessly :money_with_wings:.


Thank you Tony! really appreciate the confirmation.

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Any feedback on CurrencyFair? I’m planning to make a deposit but worried it might get rejected and causes delays.

If it uses bank wire transfers, from AML/compliance the most important thing is that transaction has same owner data, name/surname/address match the T212 owner details.

Thus it is important that account is on your name and not someone else and that data matches t212 account.

Thanks Vedran!

CurrencyFair acts as a medium which is very similar to TransferWise does. Amounts sent via wire-transfer is via the medium where we include the reference code for the transfer. This works wonderfully for me with Interactive Broker and Firstrade over the past few years.

Anyways, I will give it a shot with a small amount and see if it goes through. I will include the reference code as well.