Withdrawal to Transferwise Card (not supported) ✅ - Solved

I initially funded my account with my Transferwise debit card, and recently tried to withdraw some funds and they were automatically sent back to the original funding method (the Transferwise card).

However nothing is showing on the Transferwise side, and they said the card doesn’t support receiving funds, only refunds (I wasn’t aware of this when the funds were sent to it automatically).

They said to contact Trading212 and I have sent an email and just waiting to hear back. Apparently the transaction should cancel and the funds returned to Trading212.

But with the absence of any web chat or phone line to contact Trading212 I am a bit anxious about this money being lost in limbo.

Has anyone had a similar experience and were they able to get it resolved ok?


Ok scratch this, just received it, seems it was sent as a refund after all.

Hi, I have the same issue so maybe you can help me with this.

How long did it take for the money to come to your account? And was it a larger amount that you initially deposited to trading212? i.e. deposit £5 to trading212 but withdraw 10?