Deposit and withdrawl to Transferwise

Is Transferwise is elligible payment method for depositing and withdrawl through wire transfer in T212?

No, but you can use Revolut, as it offers a personal IBAN account.

Using TW should be fine, however depending what currency, EUR/GBP should work just fine. USD , T212 doesn’t accept funds from US bank account. So USD is questionable as TW has US bank account to handle USD.

@GargoyleBG actually TW offers IBAN for many currency, you have separate bank account for GBP/EUR/USD. So in this case it is even supporting localised transfers.

Maybe I thought about Paysera working that way :roll_eyes:

Transferwise offer IBAN for euro and british pound accounts but not US dollar account.

I didn’t apply for any of them yet. If there any earlier experience, @GargoyleBG I would like to know if there any geographical restrictions to get such IBAN accounts?

Revoult is not available in my country :frowning:

@Vedran I can make USD wire transfer to T212 directly, I still not sure is that acceptable at your side?


I didn’t say it is not possible from Tw side, however T212 states they don’t accept bank wire from US bank.

I am not sure what is the source when sending USD from TW. That is the big question.

I have used TransferWise debit card for the GBP payments. Not tried withdrawal.

I assume you could hold multiple currencies and spend from the TransferWise card.

Drawback is, from next week there would be a charge for card payments.

I used TransferWise card and it was fine both ways for deposit and for withdrawal. I have the accounts with TW in USD, GBP, Euro I have tried to transfer money via wire transfer to T212 but some information are missing like the complete address of T212 bank that TW requires and we don’t have therefore I couldn’t do a wire transfer. If you will be able to, please let me know.

I believe topic is about bank wire due to card payment fee introduction in 2021.

Address of T212 is:

107 Cheapside


And it doesn’t work as I tried sometime ago.

may i know the routing number u filled…
I have do the exact same things you showed, after clicking continue,
I have no idea what to fill for the routing number

Dear @nimm8129,

I believe you can get all Trading 212 bank details required for wire transfer as following:
Deposit Funds > bank transfer

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I did successfully make a deposite using Transferwise bank transfer with no hassle.
Now, I am waiting the withdrawl using TW bank transfer as well.

I will inform you as soon I get my withdrawl.

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