Funds only investing

I’ve been playing about with a few investment ideas and come up with a fund only consideration.
Instead of managing my portfolio of 40 separate stocks if I sold and put the proceeds in to a fund it comes up with a better overall projected forcast.
As an income investor long term I look for value of yield above all. I have a about 5 recovery growth plays going on but nothing huge.
So I was looking at SMIF for a monthly return which I’d have in a pie set up to reinvest at this stage. This produces more than all the yields over a year from my regular shares.
Anyone else done this?

There are plenty stats out there, and I think they say in general that private investors struggle to beat returns compared to a simple index fund approx 70% of the time, and fund managers 52%.

In that basis I’m mostly in simple equity tracker funds so I sort of do what you are proposing in most part.

You can select one etf or multiple to average things out.

Been (and still am) on the same journey … and after a lot of researching finally settled for an ETF following a global index. The ETF is iShares MSCI ACWI UCITS ETF.

I still have some individual stocks I believe in, but overall, the monthly investment goes into the global index. I always come back to the argument: if it was easy (beating the market), everyone would do it! :wink:

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That’s kind of what caused my own doubt. If it’s that easy why are more people not talking about it?
Thank you for taking the time. It’s certainly going to be more manageable than what I do now. Oddly it still feels like a high hurdle to jump.

What’s the ticker? Seems to be a few similar

There are different tickers, depending on the currency and exchange:

Exchange Ticker Currency Listing Date SEDOL Bloomberg Ticker RIC
Bolsa Mexicana De Valores ISAC MXN 03/Nov/2017 - ISAC LN -
Deutsche Boerse Xetra IUSQ EUR 02/Apr/2012 BVFZHW7 IUSQ GY IUSQ.DE
London Stock Exchange SSAC GBP 24/Oct/2011 B6R51T5 SSAC LN SSAC.L
London Stock Exchange ISAC USD 24/Oct/2011 B6R5225 ISAC LN ISACI.L
SIX Swiss Exchange SSAC USD 10/Apr/2015 BWVD799 SSAC SW SSAC.S
Tel Aviv Stock Exchange iSFF505 ILS 05/Aug/2019 BK8Y9N9 iSFF505 IT iSFF505.TA

That explains it. Thank you for giving the list