<Insert Cncy Here> Cost Averaging

I’m looking to kick in my regular investing again and generally curious what other users thoughts are on this.

I might do some analysis if anyone is interested using a long running index tracker.

Does it make a difference if you invest on payday / mid month / weekly / daily on long term basis?

My general thoughts are it should average out long term, but the fact you are sitting with uninvested funds for up to a month, I would have thought long term, as soon as you have spare change to invest, invest?

Nice question…

Well I’m doing for almost 2 years investing daily and an investing either other week. I did this on several other platforms and starting end last year on Trading212.

What I can see so far is that the daily investment is more profitable, but with these last two years, it has to be that way.

The daily investing is one pie with one holding (O), this is not the most smartest idea to do, but I love O. (An S&P500 ETF would be smarter)
The other investment the rest of my pies with sector diversification.

The money transfer I do on monthly base, so at the start of the month I’ve enough money for that month. Yes, I have uninvested money during the month.

Maybe you can earn more in a bullish market by investing on a monthly base, but when it goes bearish…

For so far the only thing I’m missing for the daily investing, is the daily investing on market days.
When they change it to that… love it.

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