Funds which contain SpaceX

Would Trading 212 ever add funds, which have stakes in SpaceX? ones I am thinking of are;

Baron Partners Fund - BPTRX

Baron Focused Growth Fund - BFGFX

There are probably loads I dont even know about.


There are restrictions on what funds can be made available to retail investors in Europe, and I dont believe the two you have mentioned are compliant.

You could look at investment Trusts as one way to gain exposure to SpaceX.

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Baillie Giffard’s Scottish mountain trust (MNTN, can’t be bothered to look up spelling) probably offers you best route to SpaceX exposure.

The trust and its underlying assets are illiquid, though, plus it’s relatively expensive.

You can get some SpaceX through SMT too, which is cheaper and more liquid, but the weighting is a little lower than MNTN’s.


Available on Trading212:

Ticker: USA
Name: Baillie Gifford US Growth Trust


@Hedge Out of curiosity, what’s the attraction to Space X at the present time? It’s not an industry i understand very well but will take a small punt if i see opportunity to make good returns :wink: