Baillie Gifford funds

I’d really love to add the BG funds as satellites in my portfolio. Would it be possible to add them to T212? Particularly interested in the American fund, Global Discovery and the Positive Change from BG.

Funds are a type of investment that are presently not carried on the Trading 212 platform since they are not exchange traded. I think Trading 212 have it on their roadmap to do so eventually.

Trading 212 can carry investment trusts as these trade on an exchange. There is already SMT. Scottish Mortgage Investment Trust “is considered to be Baillie Gifford’s flagship investment trust.” Holdings:

1 Tesla 14.3%
2 Amazon 9.1%
3 Alibaba 5.8%
4 Tencent 5.0%
5 Illumina 4.9%
6 Meituan Dianping 3.7%
7 ASML 3.0%
8 Delivery Hero 2.4%
9 Netflix 2.4%
10 Spotify 2.3%

Thank you Richard for the response.

I do currently hold 20% SMT in a pie so I just assumed that the rest could be easily added.

Fingers crossed they do eventually get added as some of the BG funds look ace!