YouTube influencers in the UK and EU

Let’s have a topic to discuss influencers on YouTube and their recommendations for strategies, stocks, brokers. Do you take advice from some of them? And would you avoid and not recommend others?

One of my favourites is Sven Carlin

His videos are well thought out and he is a successful investor. The videos are not full of affiliate links which I think is generally a good thing.

As an example of someone I do not like I would pick this guy Peter

He repeats that he is a qualified financial advisor on every video I watched, but I was almost always left with the impression that he is talking complete crap. I have no idea how successful an investor he is but seems to me like the kind of pop investing advisors.

What do you guys watch and would recommend (or not recommend)?


Really not a fan of this kind of stuff at all.
I honestly believe the majority give people false hope of getting rich quickly instead of learning the fundamentals.


I haven’t found any that I’ve really liked enough to the point I would subscribe, but then I’m not big into podcasts and all that malarkey.

It would be much easier to make a list of ones to avoid. Generally those that try and encourage you to jump ship and use their referral offers.

End of day most of them are there to make extra money, and will try and do that by telling you what you want to hear, or what is in the best interest for them. I’ve not heard of your Sven, but skimming the videos they do have a few on ‘popular’ stocks probably just to reel people in.

Give me a video on “What I’m buying this month” and “how are my stocks doing, should I continue to hold or time to sell?” type thing would be far more useful.


perhaps give Steve Antonioni or Joseph Carlson a look? Not UK or EU but they have the right kind of content even if the accounts and some tax treatments won’t apply to us.

Joseph is very much a dividends guy and has a good salary that allows him to make decent contributions to his M1 Finance account while still providing for his family. I believe he documents his entire journey through his channel and the themes of his videos are usually reactions to market news about stocks he holds or considers holding and whether or not the news will impact his position with that stock in his account. definitely fits into your themes mentioned, also does it with M1 meaning he doesn’t try to time the market or trade the stocks because even with a premium account they only get 2 market windows that are done for them every day.

Steve got into the stock market with a goal of getting rich, but is honest about it and his video’s are usually very useful in terms of information and content that has you review your own ideas and position with money. though being canadian certain topics will not apply to those of us in the UK or Europe to some degree


You need to get into Sven man. You’d like him.


Exactly! Most of the “youtube gurus” exploit people’s desire to “tell me what to buy to get rich quickly”. As @Dougal1984 pointed out - I was hesitating whether to post a topic with youtubers to aviod, but I did not want the topic to be completely negative, as I believe there are some decent creators out there.
Do you have anyone in particular in mind?

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A separate thread about influencers to avoid could be interesting :wink:

What might be missing - there must be a few YouTube videos out there from fund managers that are good to listen to. Ok they will plug their own products, but also go into the details of their stock convictions.

Here’s a very popular interview with the managers of Chrysalis and Augmentum :rofl:

To me, Trading 212 educational series is one of them. Other Brokers also provided similar educational videos on YouTube. But TBH I found T212 educational series is the most complete from fundamental to Upper Intermediate level.

The others that I watch regularly is something like CNBC television, Bloomberg Markets and Finance,Fox Business to get the daily market update. Mostly focus on the US stocks, but my investment are mostly the US stocks.


I’ve been watching Paul Briscoe for quite a while now and I’d recommend him. He’s super relatable unlike some other Youtubers who are super rich and living the lifestyle :joy:

On a serious note though, his videos are really entertaining and informational. He’s been sticking to a dividend growth strategy and over months you can see it has been working out for him. His style is no BS and to the point which I really appreciate especially on Youtube.


Agreed, he’s not pushing his stratgery on you or pushing stocks in your face. Its an informative and funny at times social channel where he has had guests such as Sven Carlin mentioned above on and others on and its all very relaxed but useful.

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Agree his videos are good. Clear, simple and very easy to understand, but are typically aimed at a certain audience. Exactly what banks should have been helping us do for years to be honest, just think of all the lost profit they’ve not made as a result!

We just need to help him wean off McDonalds (I used to work there so can tell a story or two).

Hi - I am a Youtuber that makes content about finance and investing myself. So having come across this thread is really interesting.

I agree with some of you above that people are trying to make an extra buck - there is no such thing as free content. In effect we give up our time to make content and yes there are some that are absolutely desperate to make every bit of cash but few who have principles.

I myself like a few - my favourite is Jimmy on Learn to Invest and the guys on Everything Money. They make sound content using data. Another UK based one is Pension Craft is very knowledgable.

I myself am a value investor and although have had a few sponsored videos - I will never make content about something that I either have not fully researched or believe in myself. Feel free to check out my channel (or not!). Just found this thread very interesting.

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PS - I agree with the original post. Some people blatantly lie about their background and professional qualifications just to get views.

I’ve been following his dividend pie for a while now and I find it fascinating.
I’ve held off adding it as I still think for it to pay within my time scale I’d need 25k to start.
Love reading the updates though.

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I also like to watch Briscoe’s videos and listen the Playing FTSE podcasts with the Steves. :slight_smile:

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Anyone want to create a Pie of these and see how they go?

Me when I get a view on my YouTube video which isn’t myself:


One example I would avoid and will not recommend to others is this guy**, London Investors**. In the past he is pumping a lot of non standard OTC penny stock majority of them are even lower than 10c. Example of the stocks he were recommending GAXY, DSGT, AIAD, KWBT, GTCH, etc he even invited some of their CEOs of these companies to talk in his channel, so I fully believe he is getting paid promoting these penny stock. I noticed in the past he has got quite reasonable number of subscribers; but now many of them have gone.
Look at how his stock recommendations are performing now, they are going down -50%+. It is even later restricted to be traded in Trading 212 due non-OTC exemption compliance. You could still sell it but buying them have been restricted.
Now he has started again with another pump project with newly launched cryptos; the sh1tcoins.

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So it looks like we have some talents among us :slight_smile: - @Briscoe @CavanHaganInvesting @TheNimbleNomad
I also watch @ThatFinanceShow and @Donaldo_Duckarelli (I don’t know if Steve W has an account here).
Any other fellows creating content?


Good names to be mentioned among thank you. I’m like @Briscoe but slightly less sweary.