Future contracts? - ✅ Solved


I had a pop-up telling me that future contracts are now available. I clicked on it, and as I already have the app open (I’m using a desktop computer), it didn’t really do much.

But now I cannot find any mention of futures. I searched and found nothing new.

Where do I find futures?
(And are options included?)


These are only available in the CFD section.

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I’m looking in the CFD section.

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You have to use search in CFD account.


Ah there’s no separate category, you have to search directly. Thanks @Vedran!

You can click through to ‘Commodities’ in the search function menu if you just fancy a browse

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Ah, yes! There they are! I swear they weren’t there when I looked earlier. I probably had something in the search box or simply suffered a sudden bout of blindness.

Might have just needed a refresh, too. Technology 🤷

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I did try a refresh but it may have been too soon and just loaded everything from cache. I didn’t try again because I’m too lazy to click a button more than once.

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