Futures vs Spot

Hi! Totally new to the platform and only been trading for a couple of months. I saw that S&P500 CFD on Trading 212 went from spot to futures sometime last month. Got a couple of questions:

  1. Is there a way for me to see past charting on this instrument on the app? Right now it seems to me like it resets with every expiry cycle, so it’s always starting in Nov 2018 and it’s hard to see the price action given the missing data.

  2. The price on the SPX Futures will still differ from the price on the INX even during the hours when the cash market is trading, right?

As for as I am aware:

  1. unfortunately not

  2. correct - this next contract is until September

For 1., I think there should be past charting. I was told by @David a few weeks ago that they were working on bringing the full history for these new futures, and that they will behave as the oil does (which still expires, rolls over and has full past charts). I hope that is still the plan, otherwise, the charts on T212 are pointless.

  1. I’ve seen prices differ between brokers all the time, not sure about the difference from this future on T212 and INX. But if you want a chart which has history and which you can chart on, you can try ES1! on TradingView, I’ve seen that once reflect the September future so far.

Question 1 has been my exact question to the Trading 212 help, but so far I have not received an answer.
I am confused as on my chart I have prices from 2009 - Dec 2018. Then all prices are gone from Jan 2019 until the start of the present futures contract.
Why is some price data still there and not others, and, why is historical price data deleted? I may be asking an obvious question, but are the historical prices incorrect after the futures contract expires?
I would love to see the full history restored.
As lorin says, without it, it is impossible to draw trend lines and do any technical analysis.

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@Team212 Hi. Can someone please confirm the charts for the new futures (e.g. SPX 500) will have full chart history just like the Oil does? There is still a gap between December 2018 and June 2020 on this.

For @toms, I don’t think that your “obvious question” is the issue here, charts on oil still have different prices for different expirations and yet, somehow, they still have full, past history on T212. I would be really disappointed if they didn’t bring it for SPX 500 and for the other futures.

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Completely agree. It’s quite hard to trade SPX right now with only a few days worth of data on the chart.

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A quick search online will give a few sources for historical data.
However, those data should not be used for monitoring performance, as successive contracts are not comparable because of the different entry values.

I agree. SPX 500 can be tracked using ES1! on TradingView, which seems to be quite closely related to T212’s SPX 500 but this is one extra step that shouldn’t be needed (and data is delayed by 10 minutes on TradingView unless you go pro and also buy a package for CME data). I simply cannot perform any of my TA without this past data.

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@Team212 Is there any word on this? At the moment the SPX chart seems incomplete. With some historical price data but not others.

Sorry to sound naiive, but how can anyone draw trend lines or perform technical analysis using contracts with different entry values?!!

P.S. this is a rhetorical question.

I am probably going to sound naiive now, but doesn’t the spot chart follow (I know not exactly) the futures chart in terms of price? Why would you not be able to display the historic futures contract data on the same chart as the current contract like they do for oil, as @lorin mentioned above?