Future Earnings from negative EPS

If a share has a negative EPS (TTM) how do I work out the future earnings 2, 3, 4, 5, etc. years down the line?

With a positive number it would just be EPS plus (EPS times growth rate) = this would give me next year’s EPS.
But it’s obviously not the same if the number is negative, otherwise it will just show me a bigger negative number.

Sorry, but I’ve looked for so long, and couldn’t find anything — noob here!

(I’m trying to set up the formula in Excel.)

Thank you in advance!

EPS = 9
Growth rate = 4%

Year 1 — EPS 9
Year 2 — 9+(9 * 4%) = 9.36; therefore, EPS 9.36
Year 3 — 9.36+(9.36 * 4%) = 9.73 -> EPS 9.73

With a positive EPS it works just fine. But it doesn’t work when the starting number is negative.
With a negative number, it keeps on going further into the negative.
I realise I’m doing the wrong calculation, but not sure what the right one is for negative numbers.