FX fee question

I’ve not bought single stocks on here only ETFs. So I was messing about and having a look, if I try to submit an order say for £5 for Apple I’ll be charged 1p FX fee, if I submit a £1 order is shows no fee?!

So basically does anyone know if T212 have a minimum order amount before an FX fee is applied?

The FX fees may be held to be rounded off to a whole (p) because that is what T212 does with the interest as well.

So if you put 5 x £1 orders the last one would possibly hold the 1p charge.
Try and let me know too!

I just put in 5 £1 orders on 5 french stocks, looks like i didn’t get charged any FX fee or FFT, this could be interesting, might change how I have my portfolio now

Which ones were they?

LVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton
Hermes International

If you did a single £5 order that’s £0.0075 so try placing some more.

A single £5 order on Michelin did 1p FX and 1p french tax fee