Fx Returns feedback + Pie feature idea

Hi team,

I just signed up to the iOS beta and I love the new features. I must admit, prior to importing function, I didn’t use the pie feature all that much other than curate some custom ETFs. With the import function, I very much look forward to having some stress free days now!

The only suggestion I have is to add the % allocation as is when importing. I’m not sure if this is possible. Say I hope 50% Apple and 10% of Microsoft, Amazon and Tesla, instead of making them all 25%, it would be great if it could be the same allocation as I currently have. I can see there is already a function that shows existing allocation in green so would be nice if this could be done and then we manually edit it again if we need. This ties in with another suggestion during creating the pie; now that there is an import function, could we import to create a pie rather than create a pie and then import?

For FX returns, I have no complaints either. Works as expected and makes me sad because I realised that most of my returns are offset by dollar not doing too great lol. I was wondering whether this could be aggregated to the main portfolio return to give a more high-level breakdown of returns?

As always, thanks for constantly pumping out these great features!