Become a beta tester of the Trading 212 iOS app

With TestFlight, you can participate in the beta testing of our latest features that are not yet available on the App Store.

Tap this link on your iOS device:

If you join now you’ll get access to the latest features:

Pies & AutoInvest

  • Import / Export investments
  • Pie sharing
  • Pies & AutoInvest in Practice mode


  • FX impact on investment returns

Addition: use the link above on iOS device

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Thanks @George. Works fine. Import of existing positions in pie works fine. FX impact also good. :+1:


This is great thank you.

amazing! everything works fine

Many thanks, this is sure to make me spend even more time than I should on the app!

Well done. Thank you :blush:

Where do we see the general FX impact on RoI?

Combined my pies! Works a treat

I’m read in the main Autoinvest update thread that the official non-beta release is due to come out later this week. Is this true or are we on the beta version for the foreseeable? Thanks

Hello, does this not work on a IPad?

Well now my pie’s messed up lol


Love the new (test) update on iOS! Any way of being able to swap the investments and pie tab over so The pie tab is on the left? Would rather see the pies first personally…
Ps love how this app is evolving in the short space of time I’ve been using it. Good stuff looking forward to more updates!

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Your pie was messed up by Tesla anyway 🤷

FX exchange is really useful (or should I say painful). Is there a way of seeing the impact for overall investment, maybe next to return?


I have the same. I wonder if you can set DRIP to use rebalance.

Sadly not. It looks like the iPad app has been somewhat left behind. I’m assuming because metrics showing new users are mainly focused on the phone apps

A shame as I much prefer my iPad over a phone, however, I’ll take all the newest developments and responding to our requests over a better iPad app.

This is brilliant @George - Thank you!!!

iPad app will rise again.


I don’t use the iPad version exactly because it’s not updated, otherwise I won’t almost never touch the iPhone version… as developer and user, I see zero advantages on the iPhone version over the iPad if both has the “same version”.

I will start to donate an iPad to every person asking to improve charts on iPhone… it only can be a type of self torture to use charts on such tiny screens.