Very Important suggestion (For me personally)

Hi, this is probably the feature im most passionate about. Right now on the trading app, you are given the options for the overview of your portfolio graph as 1 day, 1 week, 1 month, 3 months, or 1 year, or MAX (All time). Yet the returns remain constant for all time returns. Can we change it so it shows the daily return, then weekly overall return, monthly return ETC. ETC. If anyone needs any clarifications please reply. Thank you.


I’ve mentioned the need for this weeks ago on another topic.

We all need to see daily what our investments are doing at a glance.

It’s a must especially for all day traders and swing traders. Its such a basic tool to have implemented but has obviously been overlooked for further advanced features 212 are bringing out.

I would much rather have the basic functions, better trading charts, all new and existing stocks to be placed in their relevant categories, all stocks to be fractional and no minimum amount of stocks to be purchased defaulted to 1 or fractional on the platform.

Theres so many minor issues that can be fixed with some time and attention but has been overlooked to get the pies/autoinvest out and live that the basics are not harmonised as yet.

I appreciate everything the 212 team are doing during this difficult time but I think the management have got this wrong short term in wanting to β€˜run before they can walk’ mentality and the basics and recommendations from experienced traders on the platform are being currently ignored.

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I have also requested this a couple of months ago maybe. I am sure it is a matter of time to have this implemented.