G4S Buyout by Atlas

I currently hold shares in G4S and was wondering if others on here do. If so, are you planning on taking part in the buyout buy Atlas UK Bidco Limited (“Allied Bidco”), a newly incorporated entity that is indirectly controlled by Allied Universal Topco LLC (“Allied Universal”).

They are buying from what I can tell 100% of the company for £2.45 per share.

I know Degiro has already contacted their clients to request their response.

Has anyone heard about this and are you taking part.

Link to G4S offer page: Information regarding Offers | G4S Global

Link to G4S page containing all their reports regarding the buyout: https://www.g4s.com/-/media/g4s/corporate/files/investor-relations/2021/ausauctionendsannouncement2322021.ashx?la=en&hash=2D6F7E5B23F522415BA11BFCB38649F6

I think the deadline date is 16th March 2021