LVGO to merge with TDOC

Teladoc Health to merge with Livongo in $18.5B cash and stock deal

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Yep - I am disappointed , had a huge future ahead in its own . It was a true Category Killer and would have done even better on its own


Time to find the next one :wink:

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So the ticker changes to TDOC?

Agreed! Quite frustrating, I also think TDOC are getting LVGO for a good price. I mean LVGO were edging closer and closer to being profitable and have done so in Q2 of this year - Shame they’ve decided to sell now. Could be worse, they could have gone bust! lol

I believe so :slightly_smiling_face: could you please confirm the general process for mergers And acquisitions @David and what happens with people who currently have positions in LVGO? Cheers

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Yeah it’s a bit of a disaster. I feel those holding LVGO are getting the bad end of the deal here. Livongo were doing so well as it was.

I heard a rumour that Fastly will be announcing an acquisition after hours today. I got no source on it though, just a comment a user left on Reddit which got upvoted.


The acquisition is expected to be completed by the end of November. Once it’s completed - owners of LVGO on our platform will receive the cash equivalent of the owed 0.592 shares of TDOC, plus the cash consideration of 11.33$. LVGO will be delisted and only TDOC will remain tradeable.


Beautifully explained lol thanks @peter

will you use the August 4th closing value of TDOC or the current value at time of aquisition?

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Good question! Over to you @peter

Hi @menatarms

Upon receiving the 0.592 TDOC shares equivalent of LVGO share from our intermediary, we sell those at the market and distribute the proceeds to the appropriate accounts - we will announce the price once it’s executed.

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LVGO down 8% lol - People love this acquisition :roll_eyes:

thanks for your reply. the conditions of the sale were using the August 4th closing price. I am concerned by your response that as an LVGO shareholder I will not be receiving a sale that is a fair reflection of this.


I’ve cashed out. market hates this deal. lvgo board sold all their shares too apparently, somethings not right. A mere 7% premium for a company with those revenue increases is a big red flag.

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Whilst I see the points above, for me this just makes one stronger, more well-rounded, digital doctor platform.

I’ve grabbed a piece of the action at just over $200.

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Where did you hear about the board?

I was going to say this. I know mergers don’t always work out but considering what both companies offer doesn’t them joining just make sense? Both aspects will be serving their customers in the same way right? As you said, more well rounded.

Both companies have seen good revenue increases the past few years and TDOC will be merging with a company that has very little debt. I don’t see the issue. But then maybe I’m ignorant.

Yes I sold them both also, I had TDOC and LVGO and I loved them both they had a great really over the last few months. I believe I will wait for the merge to be finalized and then study when and if to get in again.