Telefonica Deutschland delisted

Hello, investors.

I am a new investor and bought 200 shares of Telefonica Deutschland (O2D) at the beginning of the year. Recently, I discovered that the company was delisted. Does this mean I have lost all my investments? Any recommendations or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.




I believe the shares were delisted as there was a public offer to buy all the shares for EUR 2.35 each. If you look back in your account history you should see that you’ve been paid this amount.

Indeed, there is an offer for tendering shares at EUR 2.35. As we do not provide access to tender offers, we will wait for a squeeze-out and liquidation proceeds to be paid.

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Thank you, Bogi. Does this mean I haven’t lost all my shares? I didn’t receive a tender offer. Will the process be automatic?

Many thanks for the information! I haven’t been paid any amount yet. Will this process be automatic? Or should I have accepted the tender offer?

The event is not completed yet. Otherwise, nothing is required on your end. You’ll receive a notification once the liquidation proceeds are paid.

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Thank you for the information!