Gain/loss calculation

Same topic comes back again and again it becomes… Annoying, frustrating? Maybe it would be some kind of idea if before the first trade if not before every trade in currency different from account currency there would be pop up coming on the screen that FX rate makes quite a difference when it comes to calculating gains/losses of investments? Maybe it would prevent from creating such threads almost everyday? Ofc there should be option in settings to switch off those pop ups (would be pain in… for those who knows that to confirm it all the time and for traders etc when time is quite important) maybe @Team212 could consider adding such idea/feature or something similar or maybe better to app/website? I’m not saying that should be prioritised anyhow but somewhere in close future it would be worth considering… I know people don’t have to read those topics, answer to them or anything, they can just ignore it. But many of us as myself just like to read all/most topics to get something interesting for themselves not only those complaints that sth is wrong and most of time the issue is FX rate

Posted already on other thread but thought maybe creating new would be appropriate

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Or even better, the chart could have a switch that would switch between displaying data in the instrument currency and the account currency.
Basically you’ve got two series of data (instrument price, FX rate), multiply them, and plot the result.

That would have to be explained properly to people… Wouldn’t be nice to have new batch of topics where one sees gains in stock currency but overall result is on - and becouse one wouldn’t notice that another topics would be created… Whoever is concerned in the topic post your thoughts and ideas here, maybe it would become easier for @Team212 to evaluate those ideas and maybe they will came with sth even better

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