Gain/loss feature - Daily - Weekly - Monthly - 6 Monthly - Yearly - Total

Hi is it possible to show gain/loss, daily, weekly, monthly, 6 monthly and yearly. Then total gain/loss. At the moment it’s only the total gain/loss.



If you drag your finger over the graph, you’ll see it does that! :slight_smile:

EDIT: I mean, I assume you’re referring to your own portfolio?


Hey I mean like this,

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Which app is this from? Havnt seen it myself

I’m going for Robinhood based on images I’ve seen floating about the interwebs.

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I get what you’re after, and while T212 doesn’t do this directly, I feel the way described above still achieves a very similar end result.

It’s all based off your invested amount(s), but shown in different ways.


Hey it’s a Robin Hood feature, tbh it’s not essential but I would like to know the exact gain or loss for a specific period of time.

To confirm I don’t want 212 to replace what they have for this new way of showing gains/loss, I’d rather have both. Hope some more people would agree and 212 get this feature added.


But then you cant easily see the day proffit/loss for each share just an overall number in the chart under the graph.

For all I know one share is falling 10% and the other 9 shares are all up 1% and just shows a break even on the graph, when I rather know what is going on and can take action on it.

I believe this would be the best suggestion to be introduced: