Gains/losses over the past day/week/month

I think it would be really nice if you could see your gains or losses over the past day and week and month etc. At the moment I can alone see my total gains and losses, but that is not really a good indicator, if i wanted to see what my portfolio did the past week or past month etc.

If there is a way this could be implemented in the next few updates that would be great!

I saw that there was another post about this so sorry if this one is unnecessary.


it’s a good idea, but I can see how it gets complicated to track a portfolio ‘gains’ …for example…

trader A: deposits 5k, buys some stocks straight away with all the 5k… portfolio price goes up and down simple to track.

trader B: deposits 5k , buys 2.5k stocks, price goes up then sells half of them, then deposits another 2k, then buys more stocks and sells some etc. another deposit goes in… how to track all the ‘gains’ with that? an ‘overall portfolio price’ would only be some of the picture.

anyway, I see what you are getting at and i’m sure it’s been requested before a few times.

I see that this can get a bit complicated, but I saw this feature on Robinhood and M1 Finance. So I thought it was possible for the upcoming updates and it would be nice addition to the Trading 212 experience.