Daily, weekly, monthly returns etc


Is it possible/maybe an idea for the future to let the “return” of the portfolio correspond with the time period when I click the daily/weekly/monthly/year/ytd/max in the app or on the desktop?

At this moment I can only see the overall return for the whole time period, which is static at every time period I click. Only the graph changes at this moment…

Hope this is possible since I want to share my daily/weekly/monthly performance and so on! :hugs:

Thanks in advance, love using Trading212 as my main broker and the community that comes with it! :chart_with_upwards_trend:

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That would be nice, I was also waiting for this feature


I was about to make the same post, I think this is very important.

Also, it would be great to use the same filter d/w/m/y… etc. to show how our current positions have changed. Currently, when I see my portfolio moving up or down it’s very hard for me to know which of my positions are making gains / losses, so I have to go 1 by 1 and analyze what is going on with each stock.


I fully agree, it would be lovely if they can implement this too!

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