German tax declaration with a loss?

Hi everyone!

I have a question regarding the German tax rules: I currently am at a small loss and as of now don’t plan on doing any more selling this year.

Now with that in mind:

Since I don’t have to pay taxes because I’m not going to make any profit this year, do I still have to hand in the Trading 212 year-end tax statement to the local authorities/Finanzamt? Would I have to file a whole tax declaration for it? If so, how much work would that be? Can I use an app like taxfix for it?
Or can I simply do nothing?

Thanks in advance!


You’r from germany

And you’r name is Tesla

I salute you

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No. You only pay taxes on realized profits only. But not just for T212, but in total on all Capital Gains, per year, from all brokers.

If it is less than 802EUR, you may decide to not report it all to the FInanzamt.

I’m not a Finanzberater. :slight_smile:

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I don’t know anything specific. But in general you should be able to write off losses in this year against profits in the next. In order to be able to do so, it would probably be necessary to hand in your losses this year.

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absolutely bro! Around 70% in Tesla at the moment, HODLing

Thanks for helping out and clarifying! To clear out misunderstandings, I was just not sure if the Finanzamt maybe wants to see the Trading 212 tax statement sort of as confirmation I don’t need to pay any taxes. I guess to think that is very German of me lol

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okay cool, thanks for letting me know!