When it is expected to receive the Yearly Statement?

Hello :wave: all and Happy New Year :tada:
I’m new to trading 212 and I have just started to use it in January 2020.
So, I’m wondering when should I expect to receive my Yearly Statement so that I can proceed with my German :de: Tax Declaration for 2020.

One more dummy question, what would happen if I don’t declare my capital gains in my german tax declaration (since I have heard that trading 212 is not a German Platform) So, how will my capital gains information be communicated to the government in germany?)

Many thanks in advance :pray:t2:

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As i understand T212 subscribe to the common sharing of financial information scheme (can remember the proper name for it) so your account information can be accessed by the German tax man. You will need to see what the local penalty for not declaring. It’s typical for you to pay a fine and the taxes you have avoided in paying and the possibility of criminal prosecution.

Your annual statement will look like your monthly statement however for the whole year.

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I don’t recall ever getting an annual statement.

Yeah you are right, it’s monthly

currently you can get one if you request for it. that’s it as far as I remember right now. the government can request for your information from T212, so you need to declare your profits properly for taxation.

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T212 have been promising a yearly statement feature for some time now - see many other threads on this.

We were promised the function would be completed before the end of December but we are still waiting. Hopefully, it will come very soon i.e. in the next week.

The monthly statements sent via email are useless in all respects in terms of completing tax declarations.