Getting Screwed on Premarket Bids

I hate to put bid downs premarket, as that’s when volatility is worst. The problem is I’m a night worker and am rarely able to sit there on market opening to find the ideal price. I believe in mean value investing so the idea of just setting a price premarket to buy should work. However, it seems that 212 has repeatedly screwed me on this by buying above the market price, to a huge degree.!

Take this example of an opening purchase.

Screenshot_20200929-192853_Trading 212|236x500

So what reason does 212 have to buy stock at a price so high above the opening and peak price?

I hear 212 members say how 212 are so good at getting the best price. I just don’t see it and I just can’t trust the app to secure a fair price on opening.

Change the chart to candle. Second icon along in your screenshot.

You set it to buy at open, you got the opening ask. In most cases it’s rarely a good idea to buy at open.

Use a limit order if you a have a specific max you want to buy at.

Also T212 are just a broker, all they do is show the current best ask. They aren’t screwing your over.

It’s worth watching a few videos on charts, how to read them, how trades work, about market makers. Also look at MACD and RSI for starters (third icon along) they will help you determine a good entry/exit.


Limit order is the way.