Glaxo Dividend from 8th Oct

Hi there, is anyone else still waiting on their divi pay-out from the 8th Oct for Glaxo please, or am I just being impatient. Thank you.

Just being impatient, usually comes in 2-3 working days :slight_smile:
Edit: just to confirm, I’m waiting on it too still, so it’s not just you. I’d say it will come tomorrow

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Still waiting, got yours yet?

I too have not received mine.

I apologetically sent an email to support querying it, as I usually get them within a few days without fail. Got the 2 week information given back to me, guess it is just a case of waiting patiently for it to turn up.

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It will always turn up, they’ve never missed one for me, sometimes is pretty delayed though

Makes you wonder whether it’s a delay in GSK sending the funds, IB (is that who assets are held with?) being slow sending it to T212 or T212 delaying for some other reason.

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Not T212, IB sometimes, likely the means I’m of the company distributing the dividend. There a see different ways of lying them, some slower than others

T212 have informed me it will be paid at end of business tommorow (friday 16th).


Just received it this morning

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