Shell dividend no payment

Anyone not had their dividend yet?

nope, but payment date was dec 16 (also don’t forget that you had to buy before november 12). Dividend can take up to two weeks to arrive so I wouldn’t be worried. General rule of thumb is aks for dividends when two weeks after pay day have passed, in almost all cases the dividend is arrives in that time frame.

The delay is caused (I believe) by the many intermediaries it has to pas before it reaches us, just be patient you’ll always receive your dividends, haven’t seen a case where someone hasn’t received the dividends they were entitled to.

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Ok thank you. I’ll wait then.

I’ve had the shares for ages so it’s not that, must be a delay.

Not got mine yet either - they’re not usually this late. Never waited more than 3 working days for dividends before this.

I’ve waited over a week several times before, even when others have been paid with later pay dates so this is somewhat normal to me now.

Shell is one of my biggest dividends so it’s typical that this would be the one I’m waiting so long for!

I just got mine! Suspicious timing, are they spying on us… :face_with_monocle: :thinking:

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Is this just on 212? The divided arrived on the 16th on other platforms

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I got mine this AM! Along with BP!

I think it’s probably because T212 goes through IB. So they have a processing period between the two platforms? Just a guess really

The shares aren’t bought directly through t212 so dividend payments have to go through intermediary companies before you receive it, the important thing is though you will receive it and once you’ve established your first dividend date it will become a pattern you can follow there after.

ie 2 weeks later on the first but then becomes on time thereafter

It didn’t work like that for me – my first RDSB dividend arrived 2 days after the pay date – this one was 6 days after (4 days if we count working days)

@James Fair enough but please remember you are using a free to use platform, it used to be the case that if the shares weren’t bought directly you weren’t eligible for shareholders rights or dividend payments so the fact we receive them without any cost is a bonus, even if they are a few days late

I got mine earlier today at 12:10pm UK time :ok_hand:

A nice dividend of £16.22 - I’m chuffed with that!

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@Lenos1980 I wasn’t complaining. I’d rate T212 as a free platform 10/10. It can be a month late and I won’t care so long as it arrives. That doesn’t stop me from being concerned that, when I usually wait no more than three days, this one seemed to be much later. That was my only point :slight_smile:

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That’s cool just bear in mind people come here before they choose t212 for investments so what makes sense to you behind the wording may put prospective investors off