Glitch thats stopped me selling

Im really struggling to get this resolved. I started with some small investments in March to test the platform and everything was fine until last Sunday when i tried to cancel a pending order to sell my BAE shares. Its in the ISA account and looks like a system glitch which has locked the shares and i have been unable to sell them now for nearly a week. I have emailed 212 twice and im still waiting for someone to deal with it. Thankfully i havent got a huge amount invested in the platform but for those who do then this is a real worry if your investment are starting to fall and you need to get out.

@pikeman Rest assured that the order won’t execute, the fact that it’s still pending is a visual issue that we’ll resolve asap.

Man, this is why im so frustrated! The problem is exactly that - I cannot sell them, i havent been able to sell them for nearly a week! I cant do anything with them, theyre just sat there in Limbo!

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