Not allowing me to sell my shares

I brought 0.5 shares off GME on the 27th went to take profit but I couldn’t sell my shares. The market dropped and I couldn’t sell my shares. By tomorrow evening people will surely be dumping the stock and I’ll be left with the open position because of your platform.


I’m in the same boat, have a handful of shares from a few days ago, made several sell orders at different times which sat doing nothing. Someone on Reddit suggested selling in 0.5 chunks, I was able to do that once but all the rest of my sell orders were straight up rejected. In all I made over a dozen sell orders of varying types and only one went through. I still have the majority of my shares and am unable to sell.

Limiting buying is bad enough, but rejecting sell orders? Completely another. I will be taking screen recordings of today’s attempts to sell.

Worst of all is the lack of feedback. Please, @Team212, what are you doing to try and get this resolved? What pressure are you putting on IB to at least allow sell orders? What feedback have they given you? Are you looking for alternative providers? Please tell us something useful!


Are you sure you’re not trying to sell while the market is closed?

Anyway, the stock rallied in after hours and closed at $331

No, I made over a dozen sell attempts during trading hours yesterday.

Yea, the stock has rallied over night, That’s great, but if I can’t sell then its meaningless


Hmm, weird. That shouldn’t be intentional so hopefully being a execution bug or delay is resolved by now.

Same issue here. Tried selling 0.097 shares of GME, 0.09 shares, and 0.1 shares.
All get rejected.