Stock wont sell - ✅ Solved

One of my stocks won’t sell what do I do???

@David @George @Team212

Can you give more details, which stock, which account (Invest CFD), and what time?

Green sky invest and beginning of
Trading day! Still pending

The last trading on that stock was at 11:20 this morning, there must be no buyers to buy your shares.

are you able to cancel sell order then? It’s spinning can’t cancel it

Hi, this stock has been buffering for 24 hours. Now I feel like I do not want to sell the stock how do I go about this? As I’m in red now so it’s a joke how was there no buyers yday but price was all over the place ??? Cancel the sell order on your side and if that’s not possible then that is a joke other users also had same issue

@David @team222 anyone??

@revelcsi1iicidem Please, DM me your trading account’s email address.

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Dude, your a customer service nightmare.

Every 2nd thread I read its you with a stock problem.

Your doing something wrong.

Definitely isn’t lol I’ve had this stock problem only in last 3 weeks get out of here

How am I doing something wrong when I press sell and it doesn’t sell, how am I doing something wrong when the platform spent more money than I had? It shown me more money than I had, how is that my fault???

They told you why. During the market volatility you managed to squeeze through an order that suddenly brought your account to negative and sold the positions… They don’t want to take on your debt… That’s understandable… If they let every account touch minus… Wouldn’t last long would they?

Oh so all day yesterday really my account was in negative but I was happily buying and selling other stocks, when you have say 10 pound and a stock is 9.99 you cannot buy 1. It says 95% of funds… how is possible that I managed to somehow spend more than 100% please explain. I don’t care what they say, there responses to complaints is terrible they fob u off with the easiest response

Well I wouldn’t handle it like bar brawl really. Take it via email/chat and write reasonable and intelligent, because honestly your writing on the boards looks like some 18yr old who finally got access to strip club…

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Vedrans here :joy: it’s money you might like losing it but I don’t

I don’t need to act all smart when writing I get my point across done. People who talk and write like they have been investing and trading for 40 years make me laugh. Like I’ve said money talks, let’s compare portfolios