Global all cap ETF & ex-US global etf?

Is there any plans/current alternatives for a global all cap etf on site for uk isa accounts? (most existing global etfs are mid/large cap, which are made up largely of US stocks.

On the same note, what about global ex-us etfs so we can avoid over subscribing to the US heavy stocks in portfolio branches?

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Welcome. Unfortunately, I don’t think there are any European-listed ETFs which track the FTSE Global All Cap Index nor any ex-US ones as far as I’m aware.

There are mutual funds but T212 doesn’t offer them and is unlikely to any time soon.

Some potential alternatives:

  • V3AB tracks an ‘ESG’ version of the FTSE Global All Cap Index and is probably the nearest.

  • IMID tracks the MSCI ACWI ‘IMI’ (investible market index) which includes small caps. It seems to only be available in EUR or USD though.

  • You could buy separate ETFs. For example, SWLD for developed world and IEEM for emerging markets or SSAC for both, plus WLDS for small-caps

  • In terms of excluding the US, you could buy a combination of something like VEUR, VAPX, VFEM and VJPN instead.

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