GME stock dividend

Can someone from T212 confirm that GME shares received in my ISA account were from a stock dividend as filed for from Gamestock filing a Stock Dividend and not a Stock Split.

What difference would it make?

Because a stock dividend would wreck chaos into the financial institutions (synthetic longs created by short positions won’t receive magical shares while “real” long would) and force the “hEdgiEs tO faCe thE RecKonIng”.

GME issued a stock dividend instead of a split for the meme, and financial regulators and clearing house asked all brokers to instead treat it as a standard split.


And after checking, it doesn’t appear they have any capital reserve for which a stock dividend would make sense, in order to capitalize them; it really is for the meme, and hoping to set the world on fire.


This has caused havoc for customer service teams at brokerages, millions of apes descending on them asking “why no moon?”


Is the stock dividend not simply to increase the tradable shares out there and dilute the price so you can buy more shares for the same money :upside_down_face:

TATA steel just did the same.

Yup, if you scroll the Superstonk subreddit, everything is flooded with screenshots of Trading 212 live chats.

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The event was classified as a stock split on NYSE and processed in line with the depository responsible for all clearing and settlement of Gamestop Corp shares. New shares have been issued via the depository and credited to all eligible shareholders on our platform.


I guess some people just want to see the world burn, and somehow call it a win?

I had to check it, and god these poor chat supports don’t deserve any of this.

Oh well… Arguing with the ignorants isn’t always easy, but with those that persist in staying so is just impossible.


Actually the dividend was 3 extra shares, not slicing up your original share into 4, if you don’t know the difference between a stock split and a stock split dividend you shouldn’t be misleading people. If the company issues a stock split dividend it should be processed as one by the dtcc no matter what the dtcc or NYSE say. This is why so many fake shares are in circulation and brokers know it. It’s the only way to give you shares without uncovering it. These stock split shares are bogus and not the three extra shares GME issued on the stock split dividend. GME has 90 days to ask for an investigation, recall shares or pull out from the NYSE.

You had 1 before, you had 4 after. Perhaps just lost in translation but same end result.

If brokers were actually trading fake shares, they would be fined and/or shut down.

I’m so sorry, I didn’t realise my question could be misleading for fellow apes.

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Haha really? Have you seen how many fines market makers and hedge funds pay yearly for things that are illegal? It’s a cost of business now and a way for the SEC and other regulatory bodies for making cash.
The whole system is set up for trading FTDs (IOUs) for essentially, shares that do not exist.