GameStop 2.0, Do you hold or sell

It Seems we are having GAMESTOP 2.0 anyone bought from the bottom or holding from the last rally? I hold a small fraction of GME, BBBY etc which I keep just out of interest on the meme stocks.

"GameStop shares more than doubled in afternoon trading on Wednesday, surprising those who thought the video game retailer’s stock price would stabilise after a fierce rally and steep dive that upended Wall Street in January.

GameStop Corp (NYSE:[GME]Frankfurt-listed shares
GameStop shares rose as much as 240% in premarket trading and were up 210% as of 0741 GMT."

It’s going to mess up U.K. stocks

It’s time to buy and hold, buy and hold…

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Seems to have stabilised again after that 200 and 117.

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Bought at the bottom, out in the open.
Watch from the side.

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Sold 50% of mine @€134 from previous holding avg €104 in DE market. Planning to sell 50% in NYSE too (avg $160) pocketing some profit. Diamond hands from the last ride allowed this so letting the remaining 50% rocket to the moon.

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What I personally will be doing is buying high and selling low - I am an expert at this trading strategy


Gamestonk made us do it lol


Trading 212 has just halted trading on GME, is it just me :tired_face:

It was an exchange halt, automatically done by exchange if stock goes up or down too much in x period of time

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I’ve literally just posted above it’s been halted. It’s not T212

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Another halt…

good work :moneybag: :moneybag:

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And halted again…

Yep. Keeps being halted/unhalted every couple of minutes.

Gamestop is a Bull the Feds cants understand or control the stonk lol

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looks like a raging bear to me LOL

Is it just me or can people not search for AMC Entertainment in the Trading 212 web app? I can find Gamestop no problem, but AMC isn’t coming up when I search for it.

shows up fine and I am in the ISA. check your filters are clear, that may be causing your issue.

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