Going short query

Hello Ashige. Thank you for your help. I didn’t sell what I bought so haven’t lost yet. I think they will go back up too!

What happened is that my account dropped to 47/48% after a purchase of Nio shares. I bought too high and then the price dropped. A lot!

To stop the positions potentially closing, I opened a SELL position and made £70 something.

I’m hoping my BUY positions will profit tomorrow but I am also thinking about holding these, Nio seems to be doing fantastically following it’s recent sales and figures release.


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I’m in the same sh… hole as you, was betting it gona reach 16-17 so opened few more positions around 15 and just left it unattended and I was quite surprised with results xD even my wife start yelling at me that I should have take profit i had in morning (over 1k) but now I have lesson don’t be too greedy :frowning:


It’s not easy is it! Especially with spreads. But I definitely agree with that comment about greed - decide what you’re happy with and take it - this was great advice I received from my lovely Dad.

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